Project Examples

We want to share the different type of project we have completed. 


Client Testimonial:

“This was a great process and was super easy. I was looking for a way to preserve my photos without sending them away and the Scangaroo staff made me feel my photos were in safe hands”

— B.A. — May 2018

Image and Documentation Digitization Project

Clients Goals:

  • Preservation, don’t want to lose these images.

  • Have the ability to easily share with family and friends abroad.

  • Free up storage space

Type and Total Digitized:

  • 2100 Images batch scanned (both sides scanned, all sizes and material.. including on tin)

  • 75 items were special handled

  • 60 Documents (certificates, rewards and so on)

  • 26 Negatives (35mm, 126 and medium & Large format)

  • 25 Slides (35mm 2x2 cardboard and plastic mounted)

  • 4 Photo CDs (photos saved on a CD moved to USB and Google Photo)

  • 19.3 GB

What Client Received:

  • Both sides of photos and documentation digitized

  • USB

  • 30 day access to your digital images uploaded to Google Photo (includes instructions to transfer images to your Google Photos and on call support)

  • White glove service

  • Acid-free storage bags

Project Cost:

  • This project cost around a $1000.00.

Organization Categorization:

This client had taken the time to categorize the images before scanning. When categorization is completed before digitization the images are label the category. For example, Summer 1970, Aug 2000, Fall 2000, Child 1 Birthdays. If there were 25 photos in the category “Summer 1970” the images labeled would be Summer 1970-001, Summer 1970-002, Summer 1970-003 thru Summer 1970-025. Categorization before digitizing is not necessary, it is up to you to decide if you would like the images named by category or a generic label such as batch 1 or container 1. Check out our suggestion for project organization.


Project Example #2… coming soon

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Project Example # 3

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