Finally Photo Scanning Comes to You!

SCANgaroo is the first mobile photo scanning service of it's kind.

Why send your photos away?  Scangaroo will come to you and scan at your location!

That's right!  If you don't feel comfortable parting with your family photo collection or leaving them with someone, we're the company for you.  

Slide Scanning

When is the last time you've pulled out that projector to share your photos with the family?  When Scangaroo scans your slides, you get 4000 dpi images to share on e-mail, social media, or upload to cloud storage.

Photo Scanning

Do you have tubs of photos stored in the closet or basement? Why not have us convert those into digital images you can share with friends and family no matter where they are in the world?

Other Items?

Photo Albums?  Kids Art?  Scrapbooks?  Music CD's?  Documents?  Ok, you get the idea.  We can scan all types of memories.


We have a passion for preserving memories.

In the age of digital photography, it's easy for forget about your your film pictures, slides, postcards.  In those photos albums,  boxes of slides, and drawers of postcards are your memories, your family's history.  They are part of what made you, you.

At Scangaroo, we liberate and preserve your memories.  Imagine being able to tweet that picture from 1963, hashtag a memory from the 1976, or add another piece of nostalgia to a digital picture frame.

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Slide Scanning

4000 dpi

  • $.75/ea. for the first 500 slides
  • $.50/ea. for slides 501 -1000
  • $.25/ea. for slide 1001+
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Photo Scanning

600 dpi

  • $.30/ea. for the first 1000 photos
  • $.20/ea. for photos 1001 - 3000
  • $.10/ea. for photo 3001+
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Additional Services

Feel free to ask about anything else

  • $2/image - Special Handling
  • $2/Group - File Naming
  • $2/Page - Album/Scrapbook pages
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We'd love to hear from you!

Scangaroo works in both the Denver and Kansas City area.  We are frequently between these two cities.  Generally, we can get your job scheduled within a few weeks.  If you have questions about your project or our services, we're ready to hear from  you!


855-SCANVAN (722-6826)